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Customized bookkeeping & financial reports

AR/AP services & reconciliations

Payroll & payroll tax filings

Sales & Compensating Use Tax

Expert @ QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel & Word

Over 25 years of experience

Kansas Notary Public

Fully Insured & Bonded

JB Business Services LLC

Holton, Kansas

Customized Bookkeeping
& Business Services

Let Judy Do Your Trucker Paperwork!

IFTA filings, UCR renewals, DOT Compliance, FMCSA Supervisor Certification,
Invoicing & Factoring, Tag Renewals, 2290 Filings


JB Business Services LLC in Holton KS

Customized bookkeeping & financial reports

I am Judy Bandstra , a Certified Bookkeeper based in the Holton, KS area.  My skills are bookkeeping, payroll, paperwork…You know all that paperwork you hate to do and fear making errors on? Yes, I love paperwork, and I really love doing it perfectly for my clients. I can help your business with accurate and timely bookkeeping, payroll, and business forms. My prices are reasonable and I hold myself to a very high standard.

Over the years, I have worked for many different types of businesses, and I have gained a log of insight. I can help your business, and I want to.

I will take all the worry and effort from your numbers and put them where they belong. I have many clients who trust my work here in Jackson County and the East Coast, my former workplace. They trust me because I do the work, and I do it correctly. I do not speak of any of my clients’ internal business workings and I do not give out any information regarding any of my clients unless I have their permission or their request to do so. I am very serious about keeping confidential information confidential.

Judy's Business services

I will do the paperwork for you so that you can do what you went into business to do!

Your time should be spent on your business and focused on success, I will make sure that the numbers balance, that the authorities are satisfied, and that you pay your hard earned money to exactly the right people for the right things.

Let me worry about the details so you can focus more on Business. 201-264-6401

What My Clients Say….

Judy Bandstra provides consistent and reliable service. I am confident when I have questions about financial matters, Judy will answer promptly and will take time to explain the options when necessary.  I recommend Judy Bandstra unreservedly!

Kirsten L.

Judy is the ultimate hard working “can get it done” professional. Her firm is some 2000 miles away from our firm and co-ordinates all company finance data with our accountant of over 30 years. The CPA firm is about 20 miles from our business and we rarely meet but communicate by phone etc. when needed. It is seamless and we get to focus on our customers and “do our job”. Go ahead call Judy and watch your worries drop and service to customers grow.

David C